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What Your Child Will Need

Pre-school is not school.  Your child will not need to turn up at every session with a bag full of equipment, but there are a few items that they will need to bring with them to their sessions.

Nappies and Change of Clothes

If your child is still in nappies, then it would be helpful if you also brought a named bag in with a couple of spares, some wipes and nappy bags.  The pre-school has their own in an emergency. Similarly, if your child is potty training or is still prone to accidents, it would be wise to bring in a named bag with a complete change of clothes.  Again, the pre-school has some of their own in case of emergencies.  If your child is sent home with one of these outfits, please wash and bring them back as soon as possible.

Wet/Cool/Cold Days

When the weather turns wet or cold, please make sure you send your child to Pre-school with:

  • A warm coat. Hats/gloves/scarves are optional and should be put into coat pockets or hoods for safekeeping.
  • If your child comes to Pre-school in wellies, then please bring a suitable change of footwear. Wellies can be left on your child’s peg in a named carrier bag during sessions.

Warm/Hot Sunny Days

Equally, when the weather starts to get warmer, please send your child to Pre-school with:

  • A clearly named sun hat. Pre-school hats are available to buy. We expect ALL children to wear a sun hat during outside play on warm/hot days 

Also, PLEASE ensure that you apply sunscreen to your child before sending them to Pre-school.