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Settling Your Child

"...Parents comment that their children are very happy at the pre-school and staff are friendly and caring..." (Ofsted 2015)

We know that pre-school will be a new and potentially unsettling experience for your child (and possibly for you too!). We want you and your child to feel happy and safe at our pre-school and for the transition from home to pre-school to be as easy as possible.

To make sure that this is the case, we have a number of strategies to help children settle in. We will also happily work with you to decide on how best to help your child to embrace pre-school.

Induction Session

Before their first official day, you will be invited to an induction session. This will be a chance for you to meet the staff and get to know your child’s Key Worker.

Your Key Worker will go through some forms and our basic policies with you and give you our Welcome Pack. She will also give you the following to be filled in at home:

Celebrating Festivals Sheet 
‘All About Me’ booklet 

Our staff will talk you through our Session Structure and answer any questions you might have.  This will also be a chance to get to know some of the other new parents.

Your Child's Visit

You and your child are welcome to come for a visit to the pre-school before their start date.  During this visit your child will have a chance to meet their Key Worker and get to know them in the safety of your presence.

You child will have their picture taken for use on the ‘Registration Pegs’ and will be shown key areas (coat hooks, toilet etc.).  They will then have the opportunity to join in any activity that takes their interest. 

The First Day

Manor Park Pre-school know that routine is enormously comforting to children. They like knowing what to expect as it makes them feel safe. This is why the process of coming in and finding a task will be the same every single time your child comes to school. 

When you arrive, you’ll wait outside with the other parents and children. (After a few visits this will become a social occasion where your child will run around with their friends!) A member of staff will open the door to welcome you all in.

The children will need to find their own keyring from the table outside. Please come in with your child and encourage them to put their keyring on a peg where you'll help them hang up their coats etc. They will then place their school bag in the appropriate box.

When you arrive, our indoor and outdoor spaces will be set up with a variety of activities for your child to choose from.  Settle them at one of their choice.

This is normally the point at which you would leave.  Of course, on this first day you are welcome to stay with them until they are a little more settled.

When you and your child are happy, you then leave by the back door, as this creates a one-way system. You know your child best and how they will react, but please remember that staff are always available for advice on leaving your child if you need it.


Settling In Sheet 

At the end of their first half term you will receive a ‘Settling In Sheet’. It will have been filled in by your child’s Key Worker and will comment on how they’ve coped with the new environment, how they are getting on with the staff and their peers and what activities they are enjoying. It will include some suggested ‘Next Steps’ for the pre-school to focus on and have a space for your comments and thoughts on how your child is doing, as well as a chance for you to write what you think the ‘Next Steps’ should be.