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Collecting Your Child

..."Staff encourage children to share with their friends...." (Ofsted 2015)

When a session is due to end, please wait outside The Bungalow. Your child will be sent out to you with coat/school bags already on.

It is at this point that staff may have a quick word to give you any forms or mention any other issues such as the odd bump, scrape or behavioural incident which might have occurred during the session.

Collection by Someone Other Than A Parent

If you have arranged for someone else to collect your child, please notify staff.

Similarly, please notify staff if there is someone that you do not wish to collect your child. 

Late Collection

Turn around times for our sessions are very quick.  Once we end a session we have 15 minutes to set up for another session or to vacate the building. 

Therefore prompt collection of your child is very important.

Late Collection Fees are payable if a parent is late collecting their child with no contact or explanation being made.  Attempts will be made by the setting to contact that parent.  The fee is £20 if the parent is 5 minutes late and £30 if the parent is 10 minutes late.

Left Children

A child that has not been collected at the appropriate time will stay with two members of staff and a phone call will be made to their Parent/Carer or emergency numbers if Parent/Carer cannot be contacted.

If no contact is made our Left Children Policy will go into effect.

In And Around The Pre-school

Please drive with extreme care on entering and leaving the school grounds and be aware of the one-way system in operation. Small children do tend to run out when you least expect it! 

Also, please be aware that the parent/carer is responsible for all children in their care, before and after each session.