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Pebble Pot Success!

posted 12 Oct 2012, 09:24 by Dorchester Firststeps
We have had a very positive week this week as the morning group have filled the Pebble Pot by using their kind hands to help their friends and do good deeds for each other. Each time they do a good deed they have put a pebble into the pebble pot. These good deeds have included turning the tap on for a friend when someone has had soapy or messy hands, helping an adult to tidy something away without being asked and spontaneously sharing a toy or piece of equipment with a friend. As a well deserved reward for filling the pebble pot, the children asked for a Pebble Pot Party! This will take place on Wednesday 17th October in the morning. The children can dress up in a costume or party clothes and we will be having party food too. Quite a few of the children asked if we can do cooking again, so on Tuesday we will be baking cakes, to eat at our party too.

The pebble pot has been really successful in reinforcing the need to use our kind hands, faces, feet and bodies. Now  
that the pebble pot is full, we will empty it and continue to do good deeds, to enable us to fill it again, so please remind your children to use their kind hands, faces, feet and bodies.

Thankyou for your continued support