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New Fees and Charges Update

posted 24 Jul 2013, 08:04 by Dorchester Firststeps   [ updated 24 Jul 2013, 16:16 ]
Updates are now up on our new fees, which have gone up by 20p for unfunded session, and details have been added explaining our new Late Collection Charge.

Turn around times for our sessions are very quick.  Once we end a session we
have 15 minutes to set up for another session or to vacate the building. 
Therefore prompt collection of your child is very important.  

For this reason, if you are 10 minutes late or more without explanation we will be charging a £5 late collection fee. This is to cover the cost of staff staying late or missing their lunch.  For this reason, it is crucial that you tell us as soon as you know if you're going to be late.

None of our other charges will be affected.