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Acting Chair

posted 25 Jul 2012, 01:36 by Dorchester Firststeps   [ updated 25 Jul 2012, 01:36 ]

Our brilliant current Chair, Kara, is leaving the post at our next AGM.  She'll be staying on the committee, but will have new responsibilities in the form of a new baby!  For this reason she is going on 'maternity leave', and Veronica Chennell has been elected as Acting Chair until the AGM.

We wish Kara lots of luck with the birth!  Hope it's painless and quick!

Next Meeting

posted 25 Jul 2012, 01:32 by Dorchester Firststeps   [ updated 25 Jul 2012, 01:32 ]

We're planning a number of small changes and improvements over the next few months, so, to keep our momentum going, there will be a committee meeting during the summer holidays.  It'll be at 7:30pm on Wednesday 22nd August at the Acting Chair's house.  See you there!

Next meeting 11th June 2012

posted 10 Jul 2012, 09:00 by Dorchester Firststeps   [ updated 10 Jul 2012, 09:00 ]

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