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September 2018 allocations

posted 23 May 2018, 06:11 by Dorchester Firststeps

We are currently in the process of allocating sessions to any 3 or 4 year old children wishing to start pre-school in September 2018.  If you would like to know what sessions are available, please contact us on 01305 250600 or email firststepspreschooldorchester@gmail.com.

Committee Meeting

posted 17 Jan 2018, 05:47 by Dorchester Firststeps

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 23rd January at 7pm in The Bungalow.  All parents and carers welcome. 

Christmas Party

posted 14 Dec 2017, 06:17 by Dorchester Firststeps

Please note our last pre-school session is on Thursday 14th December.  All of our children are invited to a Christmas Party on Friday 15th December from 9.30-11.00am.  

AGM and Tapestry Meeting

posted 6 Nov 2017, 02:42 by Dorchester Firststeps

This will be held on Wednesday 8th November at 7.00pm in The Bungalow.  All parents and carers welcome. 

Committee Meeting

posted 15 Sept 2017, 06:10 by Dorchester Firststeps

Our next meeting is Tuesday 19th September at 7.00pm at the pre-school.  All new parents are welcome to join us. 

Cake sale

posted 21 Jun 2017, 05:37 by Dorchester Firststeps

Our next cake sale will be on Friday 30th June at 3pm outside The Bungalow.  Please support this event by either baking some cakes to sell, helping run the stall or by buying some! Thank you. 

Chicken Pox

posted 31 Mar 2017, 06:01 by Dorchester Firststeps

We have had a reported case of Chicken Pox in the pre-school on 31st March.  The main symptom of chickenpox is a red rash made up of spots or blisters.  It usually takes between one and three weeks for symptoms to appear after becoming infected (the incubation period).Sometimes other symptoms may start a day or two before the rash appears. These can include: feeling tired and generally unwell, a high temperature (fever) of 38C (100.4F) or over, feeling sick, headacheaching, painful muscles, loss of appetite. 

Red Nose Day

posted 24 Mar 2017, 07:00 by Dorchester Firststeps

Thank you to all our children who came in fancy dress/red and donated towards Comic Relief.  We raised £34.60!

Mother's Day

posted 15 Mar 2017, 07:42 by Dorchester Firststeps

Please could the children bring in a photo of a special female in their lives eg mum, sister, auntie, nanny, cousin etc to celebrate Mother's Day.  All photos will be returned. 

World Book Day

posted 3 Mar 2017, 05:33 by Dorchester Firststeps

Thank you to everyone who came to school dressed up for World Book Day.  There were some fantastic costumes! We raised a total of £28 which will be used to buy some new books. 

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