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Enrichment— ‘Cos More is ALWAYS Better!

School is about more than play-dough and story time—awesome as these things are! It should be an opportunity to experience all the world has to offer us and instil in us the joy of learning so that it becomes a lifelong love affair.

So in the past few months, we've been trying to make sure our students get to try all sorts of new things!

For Example: 

Every Monday, all the children visit the library at Manor Park School to read a story and borrow a book to take home with them.  This enables the children to become familiar with the staff and the school surroundings, which helps with their transition to school when the time comes.  

Every Wednesday, 6 of our children visit Maumbury Care Home in Dorchester to talk to the residents, sing some songs with them and play games. 







On Wednesday 4th July, the children took part in Sports Day with lots of different events including throwing, running and balancing. 







On Wednesday 16th May, we had a visit from Chris Bostock, a professional storyteller who entertained the children (and staff!) with his animated story of the Little Rabbit's birthday party. 







On Friday 4th May, Horace the Pliosaur spent the day on the playground at Manor Park and the pre-school went to visit him.  The children cleaned his teeth with toothbrushes and got to sit inside him.










On 30th April 2018, we took delivery of 8 eggs from Incredible Eggs to keep in an incubator in the hope that some of them would hatch.  By Friday 4th May, 5 of the eggs had hatched and the pre-school welcomed Bob, Carlos, Flappy, Crumb and Chicken Little as its newest members!










On Wednesday 8th November 2017, Abbie from Hot Steps Dance Academy came in to do a session with the children which they all thoroughly enjoyed.










During the summer term 2017, 6 of our children took part in Forest School with Charlotte, our Deputy Leader, who has obtained this qualification. 













However, there’s so much more we can do! 

We would like to look into bringing in teachers and experts in all sorts of areas to give our students the chance to see and learn new things. We are thinking of adding language teachers, music teachers, dance teachers and more to the list of people who could come in, some of them on a regular basis.


A school is only as good as its parental involvement. We want to provide you and your children with the education you feel they deserve. We want to know what kind of things you would like your child to find out about.

If you have any ideas you would like to see introduced, please let us know - and remember no idea for enrichment is too outlandish to be considered - budget permitting, that is! We will be making changes based on your suggestions!