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Child Centred Play - The EYFS

How is the EYFS Taught at First Steps?

At pre-school we use an approach called ‘Child Centred Play’. Play Centred Learning is when we take into account the specific interests of your child when making our plans for the week. All children are ‘Observed’ all the time, but each week 2 or 3 children will be targeted for detailed Observation.


What Are 'Observations'?

As a pre-school, we don't just 'play' with children.  Our activities are carefully planned to help them develop all the skills they'll need as they grow up.  These are detailed in the Early Years Foundation Framework (for details, see our The Educational Areas of The EYFS page).  

Each week we plan what activities we'll be doing to help promote these skills and then observe which abilities the children already have, which ones they are developing and which ones we need to encourage to develop.  We make notes on these and take pictures of their achievements and put them on Tapestry which you can then look at and add comments to whenever you want.

Topics For General Observations

We begin our planning by picking topics that are relevant to your child’s world and explore them in a variety of ways.

For example, in September we might cover the topic of Autumn and Harvest. Children can see the effects of autumn all around them so it’s a good way of capturing their interest. 

Topics For Focused Observations

However, learning is at its most effective when you are interested or excited by what you are doing. When your child displays a special enthusiasm, or when they are the subject of the week’s Focused Observations, activities will be deliberately planned that week to build on their new (or even temporary!) passion.

Where Can I Find Out What My Child Is Doing?

You can keep up to date with all our planning and activities by looking at this noticeboard.  

On the board itself you will find our daily schedule and weekly planning.  Your child's learning is recorded online on Tapestry and you will be emailed whenever an observation of your child is made.  This shows what they have been up to and what they have been achieving. (Details of which children are assigned to each member of staff can be found on the noticeboard too.)  

Also available for you to take are hard copies of the information found on this page and information on the EYFS. There are leaflets on local activities which you can help yourself to and copies of our policies - though we request these are kept in the pre-school.  

If you have any questions about this information or want to know anything else about how we educate your child, please just ask a member of staff! If you would like to find out how you can get more involved see our Getting Involved page.