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Session Structure

Below is an outline of what happens during each of our sessions.

Exploring Time:

When your child walks into school, our indoor and outdoor spaces will be set up with a variety of activities for your child to choose from.  After they have self registered and hung up their coats and bags, we encourage our children to spend the first few minutes of a session exploring all the possibilities available to them that day.

Plan and Do Time

Soon after the last parents leave, we call Circle Time.  This starts with a 'Welcome Song' and is followed by a discussion of what day it is and what we can tell about the weather. 

Any special announcements are made (whether they be the staff's or the children's announcements!) and the 'Monitor' duties are then handed out.  

Before the Circle breaks up, we ask each child what activity they plan to explore today. 

Free Play

This is a time when your child is allowed to choose what they do.  We have a 'Free Flow' policy and they can choose from any number of activities indoors or outdoors.  
 Having a choice and having it respected are an integral part of building your child's self-esteem.  

Activities will include a role play activity, a small world set up to explore, literary and mathematical activities, ICT activities, physical activities and a variety of expressive art and creative expression activities. (For details on what these activities might be, see out 'Facilities' page.)  


It is during Free Play that our café is open. We provide a choice of milk and water and a variety of healthy food.


Tidy-Up and Key Group Time

Toys and activities are tidied away. 

This is the time when Key Workers might take away small groups to work on targeted activities.

Active Time

This takes place in the playground and is a chance for your child to expend some of that pent up energy!  

Goodbye Time

The children get their coats and bags and wait for parents to collect them.