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Your Committee

 Here are the members of the committee.  Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any ideas or comments! 

Name: Anna Jackson
Joined Committee: October 2014
Occupation: Teacher/Childminder

About: Anna is married to Matt and has 2 sons, both of whom have been to First Steps and a daughter.  Having worked with children in schools for 12 years, she is keen to get involved with the success of First Steps!

E-mail Address: annamljackson@outlook.com

Responsibilities of the Chairperson:  

  • Assisting with the managerial direction of the organisation
  • Planning and running meetings
  • Acting as spokesperson/figurehead


Name: Tracey Kirkpatrick
Joined Committee: January 2014
Occupation: Housewife

About: Tracey has taken on the role of Treasurer and joined the Committee at the same time and is therefore learning fast! Her 2 sons now both attend Manor Park.  She has previously worked in finance and audit.

E-mail Address: tracey_kp@yahoo.co.uk

Responsibilities of the Treasurer:

  • Keeping an overview of the finances of the organisation
  • Reporting into committee meetings
  • Making sure the organisation has the right financial policies and procedures in place

Name: James Herring
Joined Committee: November 2014
Occupation: Retail Manager

James is married to Kerry and has 2 children, both of which are now at Manor Park.  James thought he should join the Committee to support the school/community. 

E-mail Address: jamesherring60@gmail.com

Responsibilities of the Secretary:

  • Supporting the administration of the organisation
  • Facilitating and supporting committee meetings
  • Taking the minutes at meetings

Committee Member 
Name: Amy Burt
Joined Committee: November 2014
Occupation: Children's Nurse

About: Amy has 3 children, the youngest one attends First Steps. She moved to Dorchester from Southampton in January 2014.

E-mail Address: bamyamy@hotmail.com

Committee Member 
Name: Michelle O'Neill
Joined Committee: October 2014
Occupation: Publican

About: Michelle has 5 children, the youngest of which started the pre-school in October 2017.  She was keen to get involved in the committee and contribute to the success of First Steps.

E-mail Address: wulffml@hotmail.co.uk

Committee Member
Name: Jo Upshall
Joined Committee: January 2017

About: Jo has 2 sons, the youngest of which is at the pre-school, the older one is at Manor Park. 

E-mail address: jo@davidupshall.co.uk


Committee Member

Name: Naomi Austin
Joined Committee: November 2017
Occupation: Teacher

About: Naomi is married to Stewart and has 2 children, her son attends Manor Park and her daughter attends First Steps.  She is keen to immerse herself into her role in the Committee, bringing her expertise from her background in teaching and special needs education.

E-mail address: naomiaustin28@gmail.com


Committee Member

Name: Rachel Dominy
Joined Committee: November 2017

About: Rachel's daughter currently attend First Steps and her older daughter attends Manor Park. 

E-mail address: rachlouclembo@hotmail.com