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Getting Involved

There are two main ways you can help the committee. By assisting with their work or by joining it!

Helping the Committee

There are various ways you can help the committee with its work.

The easiest way you can help with fundraising is by baking, selling raffle tickets and attending any such events.

Another way you can help is if you have any skills that might help us improve things around the building – whether it be painting, planting flowers or even just having the time to come and help out when we have a major project going. For opportunities to help with this sort of thing please check the following pages regularly: Homepage, Upcoming Events, Diary and In The Works.

Joining the Committee

However, if you are interested in getting into the detail of how the money is spent on your child’s education, and not just in raising it, then the best way to help out is by becoming a committee member!

It’s not a huge commitment of time. We usually try to meet once every half term at the bungalow, in the evening. During our meetings, we chat about fundraising, forthcoming events and the general running of the Pre-school. We try to focus on how to improve things so that First Steps is always getting better. It is a good way of keeping up to date with all the news and issues of the Pre-school, as well as making some new friends as we are a lovely bunch!

Your Role would be:

  • To attend committee meetings 
  • Help out with fundraising events 
  • Share ideas at committee meetings 
  • Support the pre-school leader and staff 
  • Help with publicity (i.e. delivering leaflets/posters if necessary) 
  • Generally oversee the smooth running of the pre-school 
  • Ensure that confidentiality is respected and maintained at all times.

If you are interested in helping out, contact Charlotte about how to join. 

Please be aware DBS checks will be required.