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Special Educational Needs

...Staff form positive relationships with children and praise them often... (OFSTED, 2015)

The aim of Manor Park Pre-school is for every child to reach their full potential. A child's progress is monitored through regular observations.  If, for whatever reason, a child does not appear to be reaching their full potential we will discuss the issue with you and, collaboratively, we may amend their activities or additional activities may be introduced to help.

What is a Special Educational Need (SEN) at Pre-school?

Most children will, at some point in their education, find some skill or other a little harder to learn or access than their friends of the same age.  When we carry out observations, and it appears that a child in not progressing in a specific area, then activities will be modified to meet the child's individual needs and additional activities may also be included. If through observations, it appears that progress is still not being made in this area, we will discuss this with parents and talk about the next step for the child.

What happens if your child has a Special Educational Need

After duscussion with the parents, the staff will get together to create an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  This is a formal way of saying that they will discuss ways in which they can help your child, and allow them to progress. The IEP will cover what target areas need to be addressed, what will be the key objectives of the help and what strategies will be used. 

Staff Roles

All our staff have attended Special Needs training and are included in the development of our SEN policy.  They are aware of procedures for identifying, assessing and making provision for children with Special Educational Needs and will work together to support your child.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Charlotte.  She will work closely with the staff to ensure your child receives the individual support they need.