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...Staff hide triangle, circle and square shapes in the well-resourced outside area and children eagerly find and name these... (OFSTED, 2015)

The pre-school is full of things to nurture your child's areas of learning and development.  All our activities and equipment are geared towards enriching their experiences.  Sessions are run in a spacious and well fitted room, enclosed garden area and larger playground. There is easy access for pedestrians and parking in the school car parks.

Indoor Activities, Games and Equipment

Small World

These activities include playing with our cars and garage, our train sets and various Playmobil sets.  They play an integral part in a child's social development, understanding of the world and their creative development.

Role Play

We have a variety of costumes for children to play 'dress-up' and all sorts of equipment for themed role-play, such as objects to play 'hairdressers', 'hospital' etc.  We also have bigger props, such as kitchen units and utensils, to help them develop their personal, social and communication skills.


Games are crucial to help children's social and emotional development.  Taking turns and following rules with our games, such as Snail Trail, Old McDonald and Incy Wincy Spider (and many others) give them ample opportunities to develop these skills.

Book Corner

We have a large number of story and picture books
for your child to look through and to read to them, helping their language and literacy develop.


Part of developing a child's mind is helping them to reason and problem solve.  We have wooden lift up puzzles for our younger children and large and small piece puzzles for them to progress onto when they are ready to explore their skills further.

Construction Toys (Indoors)

Problem solving and reasoning also play a large part in using construction toys.  We make sure we feed this need (and help their physical development and hand-eye co-ordination) by providing toys such as Duplo, Stickle Bricks and Mobilo with which to build anything your child's imagination can come up with!

Expressive Arts and Creative Expression

Your child's imagination is one of their greatest gifts.  At pre-school we try and help this side of your child take flight through a number of creative mediums.   We have painting and other craft activities for them to draw, colour, cut and glue; Playdough for them to sculpt with and sand for them to construct with.  Whatever your child's imagination can conjure, we can help them make it a reality.


                                                                         Music is not only integral to your child's creative development but                                                                             has been proved to have a correlation with numeracy skills. 
At pre-school we not only have various musical instruments for your child to experiment on and explore but we also have Music and Movement CDs, we sing Action Songs and use Visual Aids for songs too.

Outdoor Activities, Games and Equipment

Physical Equipment

Physical ability and co-ordination are part of the
Early Years Education Framework (EYFS). We have the usual balls and hoops for the children to play with but we also have a climbing frame, sand pit and water play. All are designed for their physical development to be fun!

Scooters and Balance Bikes

Being independent is very important for young spirits.  Any abilities that contribute to that feeling of self-reliance are encouraged so we have a number of scooters and balance bikes which allow your child to practice physical skills like balance and hand-eye co-ordination but which also foster feelings of competence and achievement.

Chalk and Painting

We feel fresh air is crucial to your child's wellbeing and so every session involves some outdoor time.  This can be in physical play, but it can also be in creative play.  Children draw outside using chalks and paints, using our garden and the world around them for inspiration.

Construction Toys (Outdoors)

Our outdoor construction toys allow our children to create their own experiments on the laws of physics! They also promote the use of gross motor skills and reward an active imagination!


Your child's knowledge of the world and understanding of their environment will be augmented by 
their involvement in our garden.  We grow plants to appeal to all the senses in or Sensory Garden and the children take responsibility (under supervision) for watering and tending the plants.  


Our links with Manor Park School allow us access to their playground which gives the children the freedom to run around a large open space and indulge their need physical games and freedom.